It’s stupidly hot, which is why I decided to have my slow-cooker on for six hours during the hottest part of the day.

That may not have been the best decision.

Vegetables for Slow-Cooked Korean Chicken Dish

However, this allowed me to make a delicious Korean chicken dish. Above are the vegetable-like objects included: potato, onion, carrot, and bell pepper.

Sauce for Korean chicken dish

Unfortunately, I realized after I’d already chopped all the vegetables (and halfway-thawed the chicken) that the chili sauce that I thought I had was rather expired. It was one of those things that my Mom kept on hand for the occasional use, but rarely ended up using, and so she sent it along with me when I moved out. Fun fact: it expired the month I moved into my new apartment. I don’t really use that sort of thing much either, apparently!

In place of the chili sauce, I threw together some white vinegar, ketchup, and lots of red chile pepper flakes. I’ve grown rather fond of those recently :3

Toss the sliced chicken in the crockpot, then the vegetables, and pour the sauce atop all of that, and you end up with something like this:

Korean Chicken Dish prior to cooking

The recipe told me to cook it for 6 hours on high, so I did. I am not sure if the chili sauce would have made it considerably juicier, or if my cooker cooks particularly hot, but it came out a little drier than the pictures on the Can You Stay For Dinner blog suggested it would. It’s possible I made the chopped chicken pieces too small too. All the same, I thought it was pretty tasty and will likely make it again – next time in winter, and with actual chili sauce!

Successfully Prepared Chicken Dish